an awesome putter
with creative design
for instinctive feeling

our intention is always innovation, first


a bold and easy to play putter
a hosel that sublimates your senses

The hardest part of putting is having good sensations. Before the arrival of the inverted hosel, there was such dispersion in my game that I put myself in danger 7 times out of 10. This generated a lot of frustration and above all a lack of confidence which had repercussions on my whole game.

It was by trying to solve all these problems that the reverse hosel putter was born. Today, my putting has become more precise, decisive and very consistent. My game is more spontaneous and respects my natural swing momentum.  My grip and grip pressure allow me to feel more naturally the connection between the club head and my shoulders, bust, big muscles. All I have to do now is concentrate on my feelings and the pleasure it gives me, which incredibly simplifies my routine.

I recently shared this discovery through a series of exclusive monoblock putters made in 3D printing. I hope they will give you a lot of pleasure and especially better scores…

Sebastien CEDRYCH  |  CEO & cofounder