Cut in a diamond, this precious and innovative jewel awakens and releases all our senses. Its pure, sharp lines hide a marvel of balance to offer a unique experience without altering our game. Entirely made in 3D metal printing, this holistic jewel serves our body. To try it is to adopt it !

The result of many years of testing and development with professionals and individuals, the patented inverted hosel®  was designed to absorb wrists, thanks to a simple lever effect.

The off-center pivot axis transforms displacement and acceleration, reducing the rotation of the head in passing. The putter stabilizes when it moves. It naturally forces and corrects its trajectory even if you lose control of it.

tendency 67%
timing 74%
consistency 86%
overall performance 78%

* according to the tests carried out by Science & Motion Sport in Australia, April 2018, to download here

  • head weight: 362 grams
  • dense and soft alloy: 60% stainless steel / 40% bronze
  • monoblock printed in 3D by projection of binder
  • anti-corrosion finishes: MatBlackCoat, GoldAged or custom
  • fitting: lie from 10º to 20º / shaft length from 31 “to 37”
  • choice of quality shafts & grips

24 carats putter | champagne gold

Original price was: €920.Current price is: €650.

Free Delivery from 4 to 6 weeks
Custom 3D metal modeling and printing
Numbered putter – Limited Edition 400 copies
Anti-corrosion customizable finishes
Fitting Pro in one of our workshops
Shafts and Grip included


Additional information

Weight 1 g
Dimensions 15 × 120 × 15 cm