challenge gravity with the

inverted hosel

Based on the principle of the lever effect, the offset of the pivot axis of the hosel towards the rear, naturally generates a counterweight which stabilizes the trajectory of the putter, and even more when it is in motion.

Without an inverted hosel, whatever the position of the hosel, the forces are added. Our wrists constantly compensate, before, during and after impact. Difficult then to remain precise and regular in the centering of the face.

a design that plays

with balances

Our software simulations and numerous field tests impose new rules of balance and design. We call this at sebow: a holistic design with variable geometry.

The 3D metal printing of the inverted head + hosel monoblock, allows the material to be distributed under different densities according to optimized zones. The hollowed out parts are filled by a carbon lattice structure which lightens the design while strengthening it.

easy & consistent


This innovation requires no learning or game changes. It allows everyone, on any type of terrain, to acquire a solid and confident putting.

Be careful, no miracle for unskillful and seeming players. Our reverse hosel putters simply offer better conditions of comfort and performance.

In short, only fun !!!